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The Future Leader Group has a strong track record in coaching executives, managers and leaders across diverse sectors and see their leadership step up to the next level.


Executive and Personal Coaching

Effective coaching is an art form. If done well, coaching can unlock something inside, bringing true self-awareness and growing emotional intelligence. A coach helps leaders break down the goals into 'do-able' bits, remove confusion and crystallise action. Coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for successfully leading organisational change.

The Future Leader Group uses best-practice coaching methodology where we remain curious, we challenge, and we seek to bring genuine clarity, leading to those magnificent ‘ah-ha’ moments.


The Future Leader Group coaching packages range from three sessions to twelve sessions and are tailored to the coachee and the goal/s they seek to achieve.

Coach Accreditation

This highly practical six-month program will equip you with the skills, insight and experience to become a sought-after coach. As an accredited Associate Coach with The Future Leader Group, you will be equipped to:

  • become a The Future Leader Max Potential coach

  • understand your own MAXIMISERS Assessment
    Profile and how to develop others using the tool

  • become a certified administrator of MAXIMISERS Assessment Profile (MAP)

  • integrate the principles in your own life

  • use the OMEGA framework confidently

  • explore and apply experiential and engaging coaching tools

  • move towards the next level of professional coach accreditation

Manager as Coach

Coaching is now recognised as the critical platform for successful organisational change and learning initiatives. Leaders no longer have the time nor capacity to control, but they need to empower and delegate, creating a culture of responsibility and self-generated actions.


Coaching is not a technique, but rather a way of viewing the world, relationships and the organisation, creating a culture more adaptable to change and growth.


The Future Leader runs professional development workshops and one-on-one coaching to equip managers to become coaches, so that they:

  • Increase self-awareness by tuning in to thoughts and feelings

  • Choose when and how to take action

  • Solve problems creatively

  • Listen to feedback and incorporate constructive criticism

  • Understand and respect the opinions of others

  • Make appropriate requests of others

  • Set limits, saying “no” when necessary

  • Increase positive encounters with others

  • Decrease hostility and defensiveness

  • Reduce stress and negative emotions

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