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The Future Leader Framework

Put simply, we are passionate about shaping future-ready leaders and organisations.

These leaders can create agile organisations that navigate an era of unprecedented disruption and change. But being a future-proof leader is not just about being skilled in strategy, marketing and finance or sharing a mission statement with the team on a semi-regular basis.


Rather, it’s how leaders make decisions under pressure while creating space for innovation. How they give honest feedback yet keep their team motivated. How they embed healthy habits – from everyday interactions to corridor chatter – that creates a cohesive, can-do culture.


The Future Leader Group has developed a unique framework that brings together three key areas of intelligence. When integrated, this carefully designed three-dimensional approach shapes future-ready leaders who are self-aware and other-aware.

  1. Emotional IQ

  2. Cultural IQ

  3. Generational IQ


We use a coaching paradigm and a collaborative, experiential methodology as we walk alongside leaders, teams, organisations and communities towards their preferred future.

Emotional Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence


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Generational Intelligence

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