Leadership Diagnostics

Our focus on Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Generational Intelligence in shaping a leader ready for the future. To develop people in each of these areas, we use a range of world-class leadership assessment tools including EQ-i 2.0, CQ, MBTI, Gallup Strengths, The Leadership Circle (TLC) and DiSC.

Many of these assessments not only engage an individual's self reflection, but draw on 360° feedback for more powerful insights. We then work with each leader to use the assessment profile insights to crystallise clear goals for effective and targeted one-on-one coaching, group coaching and/or team workshops. The individual and collective transformation that occurs through profiling, coaching and workshops can have greater impact in the workplace when teams explore how they can work more effectively together. 

Cultural Intelligence (CQi)

Emotional Intelligence (EQi)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


Leadership Circle Profile

Leadership Culture Survey




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