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for Educators and Executive

Student wellbeing is intimately linked to teacher wellbeing. 

And yet the pressure on educators continues to mount. 


Teachers are faced with a growing list of (often competing) priorities while also navigating the fallout from a global pandemic that has adversely affected the mental health and academic experience of countless students.


The Future Leader Group delivers a suite of professional development workshops for schools focused on teacher wellbeing and collective teacher efficacy. Our team of highly experienced facilitators and coaches are known for delivering valuable experiences:

  • Professional – compelling content presented with clarity, humour, and candour

  • Experiential – interactive and action-oriented for embedded learning

  • Practical – tailored so individuals walk away with clarity on the best next step

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For Educators


Learn how to manage wellbeing by strengthening mindset.

Participants walk away with a clear goal related to improve their effectiveness. Equipped with practical tools to develop a strong mindset using four key principles.


Learn how to recognise and manage pressure more effectively.

Participants gain learn practical tips on how to recognise and handle pressure points. Gain a better perspective to handle change, complexity, and competing priorities.

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For Executive

Collective teacher efficacy is front of mind for many leaders in education. How to create a school culture where collaboration, trust, and performance are embedded. This kind of culture starts at the top, with the executive team.


Coaching is a powerful tool to improve teacher effectiveness, clarifying performance goals specific to each individual and creating ownership and accountability for progress towards that. Equipping the school executive as coaches serves to create a coaching culture, which improves teacher performance and in turn impacts on student wellbeing and effectiveness.

Coaching for Wellbeing + Performance training:

  • Coaching techniques – the art of listening, questioning and assertive pressure

  • Coaching process – a coaching framework that includes goal clarification, merging insight and establishing accountability 

  • Coaching culture – use coaching with all direct reports including teacher improvement plans and performance management

Professional Development includes:

  • 1.5 days of training

  • 3 x one-on-one coaching sessions

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