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'Seventy percent of international ventures continue to fail because of cultural differences. Simplistic approaches that teach cultural practices and taboos 

aren't sufficient.'​


Cultural Intelligence

In a globalising world where cultural diversity is a given, cultural intelligence is a key factor to success. A leader who is not only aware of their own cultural background, values and customs, but who is adept at adapting their style to better connect with people and projects from other cultural contexts. It is this capability to successfully and respectfully lead towards clear outcomes - regardless of the cultural context – that marks a future-ready leader with high CQ.


The Future Leader Group partners with the Cultural Intelligence Centre, who has nearly two decades of academic research on cultural intelligence spanning 98 countries and over 75,000 individuals. Research reveals that culturally intelligent people have developed skills in four capabilities: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action.


The Future Leader Group is one of Australia’s leading Cultural Intelligence experts, building CQ for individuals, teams
and organisations.


Benefits of Cultural Intelligence for Companies

  • Success in culturally diverse markets

  • Speed and efficiency when working across borders

  • Effective short-term and long-term global assignments

  • Becoming an employer of choice

  • Profitability and cost savings

  • Multicultural team effectiveness

  • Global virtual team effectiveness

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence for the Government 

  • Enhanced communication across cultures

  • Respect and safety for employees and citizens

  • Equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups

  • Meeting regulatory requirements

  • Cost savings and efficiencies

  • Multicultural team effectiveness

  • Global virtual team effectiveness

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence for Educational Institutions

  • Students, faculty, and staff with high intercultural competence

  • High quality interactions with diverse others

  • A broad range of career opportunities

  • A diverse and inclusive campus or school environment

  • Transformational study abroad programs

  • Recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, faculty and staff

  • Tangible and intangible efficiencies and cost savings

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