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Generational Leaders is a series of tailored programs designed to propel individuals in their personal and community leadership as they make their mark in the world. Through workshops and coaching, participants crystallise clear goals and then build the skills, mindset and resilience needed to go for it.

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Generational Leaders YOUNG ADULTS is a program proven to deliver on intergenerational engagement, personal leadership and community development.


We partner with organisations (business, corporate, Councils) to professionally develop their staff with coaching and leadership skills. Over 4 - 5 months, these team members then coach a local high school participant as they  embark on a significant personal and community leadership journey.


Each participant identifies a need in the community that they address in a creative way that to make a genuine difference and leave a legacy. 

Time and again, this leadership journey delivers lasting change for the individuals and the communities involved.

Generational Leaders JOB READY develops participant so they are resilient, confident and job ready. Through partnership with local organisations, Generational Leaders JOB READY empowers their clients to identify goals, build understanding of the Australian workforce and pursue career pathways.


Participants attend five interactive workshops to:

  • Find their unique career goals 

  • Build their confidence 

  • Understand workplace culture

  • Identify what jobs are available now and into the future

  • Create a CV & get interview experience


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Generational Leaders WOMEN is an inspiring leadership journey. Through experiential learning and female mentors, the program builds the confidence, capability and capacity of young women to become influential future leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Over 10 weeks, participants attend five interactive workshops:

  • Meet inspiring female leaders

  • Discover their unique leadership style

  • Build confidence & communication skills

  • Develop creative problem solving

Local community organisations meet with participants to share specific issues facing women and girls. In small groups, the Generational Leaders WOMEN participants use design thinking to uncover creative solutions. These ideas are shared at The Pitch final event. The solution with the greatest social impact will see funds awarded to the partner organisation to implement.

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