The Future Leader Group is a coaching and consulting organisation cultivating a generation of emotionally intelligent leaders, culturally aware teams and agile organisations. Building resilience and capacity in organisations, teams and people… 


Coaching is an essential skillset for today's managers and leaders. Coaching creates a framework for performance management, teamwork and empowerment, leading to authentic success. Training your managers in the art of coaching is an effective process and tool that enables a manager to lead successful organisational change and a more positive culture in the work place.
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We come alongside organisations to help develop strategy, capacity and co-create solutions that bring healthy cultural change and a more engaged workforce. We specialise in developing global thinking leadership that is able to interact across intercultural environments. Harnessing emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, personality profiling and engaging Gen Y & Z in the workplace.
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We are passionate about seeing entrepreneurial thinking harnessed to deliver positive social impact. Through investing back into locally we are helping build a better future in our communities, Our programs are best practice in youth leadership development, we run job ready programs and support parents/carers of children with disability.Our programs: Max Potential, Future Family Australia
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