We use a range of world-class leadership assessment tools including EQ, CQ, MBTI, DiSC, Leadership Circle Profile and Culture Survey.

We have a strong track record in coaching managers and leaders across diverse sectors and see their leadership step up to the next level.

We help leaders build an empowered, resilient team capable of collaboration, innovation, focus and high performance. People with a growth mindset and grit.

We work with leaders to develop future-ready strategies that have been road tested. To attract and retain staff and customers in the midst of change.

We are known for delivering highly professional, engaging and insightful keynote presentations for groups of all sizes: inspiring and practical. 

'Michelle has a research process that is time efficient, collaborative and most importantly effective in surfacing the pertinent information. She is a very skilled communicator, enabling a depth of understanding of our organisation and the delivery of a brand strategy that truly reflects who we are and what we represent.'

Linda Bostock, CEO
StateCover Mutual Limited



We shape leaders to be ready for the future. We are cultivating a generation of emotionally intelligent people, culturally aware teams and agile organisations. 


Using a coaching paradigm as we walk alongside leaders, teams and organisations, we focus on bringing a genuine clarity of purpose. This then builds a cohesive culture that creates the best environment to bring strategy to life.


The philosophy that underpins our work is that self-awareness and personal leadership improves team dynamics which then shapes a cohesive culture. This critical people-factor must be combined with an authentic brand identity, consistent and creative communications, a spirit of innovation and an appetite for change. This ensures organisations not only survive, but thrive.




Gone are the days where the smartest person in the room is guaranteed to win. Today, a savvy leader must draw on three key intelligence areas – emotional, cultural and generational – to keep moving forward. These future-ready skills ensure good change management, with innovation and inspiration at the core .



Our innovative programs develop leaders from all walks of life. We hone in on intergenerational connection, building personal leadership, growing confidence and encouraging entrepreneurial thinking to deliver positive social impact. 

Check out how you can be involved in Generational Leaders and Max Potential programs


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